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Engage with your customers 

at every social media platform

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Real-Time Streaming

Monitor your streaming social conversations as %100 accurate and in real-time. 

Advanced Filtering

Filter your conversations by keyword, category, date, sentiment, username, follower count, segments, labels etc.

Quick Labelling

Select a category, sentiment or custom labels for your conversations quickly.

Trend & Crisis Alert 

Get brand-related trend notifications and crisis alerts by setting keyword, post count etc. rules in real time 

Auto Workforce

Set automation rules like auto assign or escalate supervisor in case of  SLA issues or offline agent or set a reply automation rule

Influencer Alert

Set automation rules based on follower count, post count etc. to detect influencers that impact your brand reputation in real time

Multi Reply 

Filter your conversations and reply all these selected conversations with just a single message without any effort

Multi Assign & Escalate

Filter and select conversations and assign to any agent or escalate to your supervisor with just one click

Multi Labelling

Filter conversations and select any labels of category, segment, sentiment at once

General Dashboard 

Get an overview that shows your brands' social channel activity, status and breakdowns

Performance Dashboard

Get an overview that shows agents' performance like replying, labelling etc.

Custom Dashboard

Able to create custom dashboard to maintain tailor-made monitoring needs 

Influencer Detection 

Get a quick view of a social profile details like follower count, post count and be aware of handling profile is an influencer or not

Historical Snapshot

Get an overview of important labels like conversation counts, sentiments and category etc. related with profile's past conversations

Profile Summary

Look at social profile details like profile picture, description and all public profile data shared and allowed by profile owner