Get Email Alerts
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Get brand-related email alerts by setting keyword, hashtag, follower count, profile name, sentiment, etc.
Keyword / Hashtag Alerts
Get email alerts via proxy keywords or hashtags related to a category, topic, campaign, trend, or crisis. Simply set the condition rule, enter your email address as an action, and start to get the email alerts if any content matches your criteria.
Get alerted by proxy contents
with a keyword or hashtag rule
Influencer Alerts
The follower count is a key identifier to detect influencers talking about your brands or services. Set a condition with the follower count like "greater than 50K" and get an email alert when any profile has followers than 50K created any content about your brand.
Set Follower Count alert to get
Influencer Talks
Advanced Alerts
Combine any condition rules to set an alert more specific. For e.g. after launching a marketing campaign on Instagram, you can simply set up an alert to get alerted if any profile has 50K followers and creates content that contains your campaign name or hashtag on Instagram!
Combine Rules to get more
Specific Alerts
See Alerts in Action!
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